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Welcome to Kathryn Grill Hoeppel Fine Arts!

Born in 1974 in Lebanon, PA, Kathryn Grill Hoeppel is an artist whose commitment to compelling and communicative fine art spans decades. 

Since childhood, Kathryn has worked almost exclusively with transparent watercolor. She has been influenced and trained by prominent artists throughout the United States, including such locations as Denver, Colorado Springs, Harrisburg, Washington D.C., and Baltimore. She creates realistic images that capture the striking and memorable beauty of fleeting everyday moments. Much of Kathryn’s work reflects personal, quiet and sometimes austere observation. Elements of light, dark, color, and texture marry into compositions that resound of appreciation, reflection, solitude, and contentedness. Kathryn designs and executes artwork with a singular vision to recognize and celebrate the uncomplicated beauty around us every day that, too many times, goes overlooked.

Kathryn is a signature member of Baltimore Watercolor Society. She is also a member of American Watercolor Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, The Art League, Potomac Valley Watercolorists, and Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

Kathryn recently added letterpress printing to her repertoire of services. She offers custom design and print services with the careful skill and attention you'd expect for premium hand-crafted paper goods. Her appreciation of quality print, composition and typography are borne from an intensive graphic design education and nearly 20 years of successful industry experience. Kathryn Grill Graphic Design, LLC, has been operating since 2001 in such markets as Harrisburg, Denver, Colorado Springs, Washington DC, and Baltimore. Kathryn uses a variety of methods to achieve the best on-press results, including the use of polymer plates as well as hand-set wooden and lead type. Kathryn prints on a Vandercook Universal I press.

The artist currently lives, works, paints, and prints in Silver Spring, Maryland.